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Build a Team

To turn an idea into reality you need a collective of diverse abilities. Here’s four types we suggest you look for:


Your brain doesn’t stop, you’re one step ahead, identifying problems before they even occur, It’s a non-stop cycle in your world; observe, create, test, evaluate.


You’re a daydreamer, you see possibilities everywhere. You live for new experiences, sensations and states of mind. You know what failing feels like, and you face it stubbornly until something extraordinary sticks.


You want to do the right thing, but you also want to do the thing right. You know how people work and you know how to get them working together. You make the trains run on time and get everyone over the finish line.

Where & When

We gather 6 times a year 18:00-19:30 @Ormeau Baths in Belfast.
We love coffee and donuts.
We work 9-5, but use our 5-9 to design epic things.
We share ideas, lend talent, invest connections and collaborate.
We build teams…
Join Us

Ormeau Baths,
18 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Teachers, Marketers, Accountants, Lawyers, Civil Servants, Corporate Managers, Artists, Musicians, Software Developer, Graphic Designers, Writers, Engineers, Joiners, Electricians, Plumbers, Product Designers, Animators…Wantrepreneurs.

Our Bank Team

People behind the running of the bank

Peter Edgar

Peter Edgar

Seamus Sands

Seamus Sands

Mark O’Donnell

Mark ODonnell

Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll

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